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Hi welcome to our home pages

Well just thought to add a new section telling you a little bit about militants of funk productions

We've been making tracks for some 10 years or so, we've made about 6 vinyl releases on the rOse2000 label

They were recieved well throughout Europe UK Italy Norway & Germany with reviews in Echoes Discoid and Radio1 Norway

We also have some mp3 previews and CD's at peoplesound check the links below

We have worked with various other artists like Belizbeha from Vermont USA, Chicagos Reggie Hall, Roots Reggae Vocalist Randy Dread
O'Bleek Cities.. Mr Magic
DJ Collin Patterson

The site was set up so you could preview some of our eclectic sound as well as enjoy visual art previews

I recomend the VRML jukebox and websampler pages if you haven't already checked them out

And make comments in the BBS which you can get to via the Virtual World VRML Juke box page

Favorite Producers : Roy Davis Jnr, House of Jazz, MAW, Todd Edwards

Favorite DJ : Collin Patterson, Rainer Truby, Karl Brown, Gilles Peterson

Favorite Vocals : Reggie Hall, Peven Everett, Robert Owens, Leroy Burgess

Favorite Artists : Curtis Mayfied, Chic Corea, Roy Ayres, Cymande

Favorite Labels : rOse2000, UrgentMW, O'BleekCity, MAW, Large, OM

Have fun !!!

Anyone looking for a remix then send us an e-mail we'll do it free

sit bAck & rElaX... enJoy the site

Since we set this site up we have had visits from throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania, North and South America

in over 100 different countries

Once again thank you to everyone worldwide

Click here to go to the bbs Click here to send me an e-mail

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3 our mp3 on peoplesound Mp3 & CD
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